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- It provides anion so you feel like you are in the wood.
- It makes the air fresh.
- It provides fresh air for both indoor and outdoor.
- (220V adapter and cigarette jack are provided.)
- You can select a color for your preference.
- (blue, green, red, white, yellow)
- It does not have a filter so you do not have to worry
- about cleaning and it is almost permanent.
- It needs very little power so you do not have to worry
- about electricity bill. (2.5W/Hour)

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- Fresh anion removes pollutants in the air.
- It produces no ozone so it removes bad smell and keeps the place comfortable.
- Anion will make your place cozy quietly and safely.
- It can be installed at any place.
- It is small and cute so it is good to use in the car.
- (living room, bed room, bathroom, library, door, childrens room)

- Diameter 10cm / Height 3.3cm / Weight 75g: It is small so it is good to use in the car.
- It is electronic radiation type and there is no maintenance expense.
- Super energy saving: 12V / 0.2A. Keep your health and fresh air with 2.4W.
- One year warranty

Power consumption
DC 12V
Diameter 99mm X Height 33mm
Approx. 75g
Ion generation type
Electronic radiation
Amount of anion generation
Approx. 100,000 / cc (1M)

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1. Do not disassemble the product. It is dangerous.
2. Do not put anything inside the product. It is dangerous.
3. The adapter is for 220V only. Use it for the right type.
4. Avoid the area with direct sunlight, near the heater, humid area, or near the gas.
5. Do not use solvent or any chemical for cleaning.
6. Do not block the air path on the top. It may cause trouble.

The warranty is for one year from the purchase date. After that, you may get a charged service.
(If the trouble is caused by mishandling, the service is charged.)

- Address: #704 Bucheon Techno-park 3-danji 301-dong, 365 Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si,
- Gyeonggi-do, Korea
- Phone: 032-234-1970~3
- FAX: 032-234-1974

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